L-1 Visa - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an L-1 visa?

  1. The most beneficial aspects of an L-1 visa are that the visa holder can carry dual intent, this means that the L-1A visa holder can apply for permanent residence. This is a big advantage over other types of visas such as the E-2 investor visa which specifically does not allow dual intent.
  2. Your dependents, meaning your children and spouse, can apply for a derivative L-1 visa .
  3. The L-1 visa does not have an education requirement. This is unlike the H-1B which requires a bachelor degree or its equivalent.
  4. The pressure to create employment opportunities is relatively low in the L-1 visa ; this is unlike the EB-5 which requires at least ten jobs to be created.
  5. If you opt for the premium processing procedure, then the L-1 visa can be processed within about two weeks. Furthermore, unlike the H-1B visa, there is no upper limit on the amount of L1 visa's that can be issued.
  6. The L-1A holder who applies for permanent residence will be able to skip the labor certification process (a highly costly and technical procedure) when applying for a permanent green card.
  7. You can travel in and out the US while the L-1 visa is valid.
  8. The minimum investment required for the L-1 visa is much lower than that of the E-B5, half a million or million-dollar investment program, thus allowing a wider pool of selection.

What type of business do I need to be to apply for the L-1 visa?
As long as there is an international relationship between the companies, then any company can apply for L-1 visas .

What kind of documentation do I need to get my L-1 visa approved?
There is a lot of documentation required for the L-1 visa . The petitioner must submit self proving documents from the foreign company to prove all the facts required under immigration regulations. It is our job to take this burden from you and streamline the process, guiding you on the exact documents that are required for a successful applicant.

What about my family, can they work and (or) go to school there?
Your spouse will be eligible to work. Furthermore, your children will be able to attend private and public school within the US. Your children cannot seek paid employment.

What is the normal processing time for my L-1 visa?
In order for an L-1 visa to be fully processed it will take between two and five months under the normal applications. However, if you request premium processing, then it can take only two weeks.

What is 'premium processing' and how much extra will it cost me?
It is a service that USCIS offers where petitions are eligible for faster processing. It comes with a guarantee of within fifteen days, but the applicant must pay a fee of $1,225. For further information on premium, processing please contact us .

What if I don't like my job, can I transfer jobs under my L-1 visa?
As long as you continue to work for one of the companies' branches or an affiliated company, then you will be allowed to transfer. However, you must notify the USCIS. Alternatively, you can inform your Attorney who will carry out the necessary paperwork.

If you intend to work for a completely different company, then you must apply for a different visa.

When I am in the US, will I be able to change my visa status?
Yes, this should not be a problem providing you are eligible for this particular type of visa.

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