Some Entry Without Inspection (EWI) Entrants Can Adjust Status

If YOU entered the USA without inspection and YOU are:

  1. Married to a US Citizen; OR
  2. The Parent of a US Citizen who is 21 or older; OR
  3. A Child under 21 whose parent is a US Citizen

There may be a way for you to get your green card in the USA.

Based on recent case law (Matter of Arabally) and new agency guidance you may be able to adjust your status (obtain your green card) in the USA if you have TPS or DACA status (or are eligible to apply for TPS or DACA). These programs allow for an advance parole (travel document).  As such, if you can obtain permission to travel, upon your return as a parolee, you may apply for adjustment of status provided you do not have any other grounds of inadmissibility.

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