WARNING: The Obama Administration’s Immigration Announcement is NOT an Amnesty Program! - Beware of Scam Artists promising work authorization or legal status!

The new policy is just an expansion of an already existing policy of PROSECUTORIAL DISCRETION:

The Obama Administration announced the creation of a group made up of the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice officials who are to do the following:

  • Reviewing all the cases pending before the immigration courts . Those that are considered “low priority” may be administratively closed. Those that are considered “high priority” will be prosecuted more aggressively.
  • No one can tell you for sure if your case is a low priority only immigration authorities will make that decision.
  • In the future , Immigration authorities will more carefully review who is placed in removal proceedings . Those that are “low priority” may not be referred to the immigration court.

The August 18th announcement was to inform the public about this policy but nothing has been implemented yet. Any details about how the review process will work, what cases will be considered low priority or how to have a particular case considered have not been decided.

The best course of action is to consult with our office. DO NOT take action because a friend, neighbor, coworker, Notario or paralegal services company encourages you to act.

At this time, there is NO application to fill out, NO form that can be filed, NO filing fee that can be paid and NO guidance from immigration authorities AT ALL as to how the review of cases will happen. CURRENTLY THERE IS NO WAY TO GET WORK AUTHORIZATION OR PERMANENT STATUS BASED ON THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.

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